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smart journeys membership will help you implement and promote sustainable and active travel across your workplace or development.

Whether you’re looking to increase travel options, reduce demand for parking, meet corporate objectives, or attract residents, changing travel behaviour is a low-cost, highly effective way to achieve long-term, sustainable benefits. Our team can support you to make it happen.

As a member, you have access to smart journeys’ tailored package of services and our members-only online portal where you’ll find innovative resources, downloads, and advice. If your business is on a mission to prioritise sustainable mobility, make membership your next step.

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More than membership

As a member organisation, you’ll get:


Access to an online portal with free downloads, activities, and resources


Marketing and promotional support for sustainable travel events and initiatives


Expert guidance on how to change travel behaviour


A Travel to Work Survey report with detailed analysis and recommendations


Staff postcode maps, showing where your team lives for effective travel planning


Access to many additional extras such as Dr Bike, cycle training and many more!

Why sustainable mobility matters

Here are just some of the benefits membership could have for your organization.

  • 1.

    Increase travel choices for your staff and residents

  • 2.

    Attract and retain employees who care about sustainable travel options

  • 3.

    Reduce the cost and demand for parking

  • 4.

    Reduce on-site congestion, and air and noise pollution

  • 5.

    Improve access for visitors and residents

  • 6.

    Improve health and wellbeing for your team

  • 7.

    Meet corporate objectives, including CSR, environmental reporting and ISO 14001

  • 8.

    Adhere to planning conditions


Plus, your staff receive great discounts from leading retailers and travel providers, including:

Sustainable Success

Our membership is made up of sector-leading and innovative organisations. Take a look at how we've helped them transform the way they travel.


Here are some of smartjourneys members:

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