As part of our involvement working as Travel Plan Coordinator at Alconbury Weald and to create a more connected community, the developer was keen for us to create a package of measures to encourage cycling as a natural choice for shorter journeys. The development site is located 5km north-west of Huntingdon town centre in Cambridgeshire, an achievable distance to cycle for most people.

Our approach

Firstly, we developed a package of measures to capture the attention of our audience by providing services that encouraged, influenced and supported cycling for both new and experienced riders. We did this by implementing the following initiatives:

  • 30-day bike hire scheme
  • 1-2-1 cycle training
  • Monthly pop-up bike servicing and repair station
  • Bike maintenance training courses
  • Bike registering and security events

To promote these cycling services, we then delivered a suite of creative concepts that incorporated engaging copy and exciting bold graphics, to grab residents attention and inspire positive change. We created a full collection of marketing tools to included:

  • Leaflets that enabled residents to quickly access the advice and support they needed
  • Lively, accessible, and easy-to-read brochures
  • Fun and exciting infographics to engage 
  • Email marketing content to increase awareness
  • Social media activity to build and inspire our audience

Success so far…

As a result, Smart Journeys has seen an overall greater engagement in community activities and through feedback and evaluation of our services, we’ve found that over 65% of participants have cycled more since engaging in our cycling activities.