Parking issue around schools are an ongoing and contentious topic which is a national as well as a localised problem.

There are no easy solutions to parking issue on the school run, with many parents taking the view that by driving their children to school, they are keeping them safe. Yet the combination of each individual decision means an increase in vehicle traffic and congestion particularly at the school gate.

smart journeys has been working with Ermine Street Church Academy, at Alconbury Weald to support them in promoting safe and considerate parking, whilst dropping off and picking up children on the school run. When designing interventions smart journeys considers the three ‘E’s – Engagement, Education and Enforcement. The fun and engaging road safety signs were placed outside the school entrance to remind parents of their actions and to be mindful of other road users, especially those taking active transport modes such as walking and cycling. This intervention, is part of a wider package of measures being delivered to tackle congestion, poor air quality and road safety concerns – transforming the school run, for good.