smart journeys set up the Alconbury Weald Bike Service and Bike Hire Hub back in September 2020. This weekend marks a major milestone for the hub as it sees its 150th bike come through its doors.

The Bike Service and Bike Hire Hub was set up as a behaviour change intervention at Alconbury Weald, to reduce residents reliance on the private car and facilitate healthier lifestyles. The service is a Travel Planning initiative, managed by smart journeys to help enable the community to start cycling for everyday journeys and to make it accessible for everyone.

The pop-up, on location hub is at Alconbury Weald once a month (every third Sunday) and is based within the heart of the community. We deal with common issues that prevent people cycling and fix mechanical problems, making bikes run smoothly and safely. Our cycle mechanic makes simple repairs to ensure everything is in good working order – things like fixing punctures, tuning gears or fitting new brake pads. We also provide practical advice to residents and support them in looking after and maintaining their bike.

The scheme has been a huge success, making it easier for residents to change their travel habits – with 65% of users saying that they’ve cycled more since using the service.