Have the facts at your fingertips so you can assess your workplace’s accessibility with ease. Our in-depth travel options and scoping analysis shows you the direction and distance your staff have to commute, and helps you discover the best travel choices for your team.

What is scoping analysis?

Knowing how accessible your workplace is for your employees – how far they’re travelling and in which direction – can help you build a truly effective travel plan.

A travel options and scoping analysis uses specialist tools to assess key geographical information, including staff postcodes, heat maps, available travel methods and travel times, giving you an accurate picture of your employees’ commutes.

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How can scoping analysis help my business?

Having a greater understanding of your staff’s travel options can:


Improve travel planning – helping you promote and encourage more sustainable behaviours.


Help identify the best office locations to meet staff travel needs, having a positive impact on staff travel patterns and retention.


Make car park management easier – including developing a parking policy and allocating parking permits.


Support the feasibility of planned changes – data and maps (up to A1 in size) make useful visual prompts for consultations.

Our solution

Gathering data and reporting can be costly and time-consuming. But with our experience and specialist analytical tools, including Geographical Information System (GIS) software, we can collect and analyse the information for you, so you can start building the most effective travel plan for your business.

What's included in the service?

  • Staff postcode analysis to help you understand the direction and distance staff travel to get to work.

  • Mapping analysis to create a pinned visualisation of staff postcodes on a map, with the option to add public transport routes/options and travel times.

  • Heat maps to identify areas reachable within a certain travel time (driving, public transport and active travel) and help pinpoint the best access options for customers, suppliers and staff.

  • Travel time matrix to analyse the number of travel modes available to staff and the journey time to work for each option.

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