Our goal

Let’s make sustainable travel inclusive for all.

Lasting change that will make a difference for generations is bigger than one person or one business. But with our strategic services based on real data, creative solutions that solve challenging problems, and small steps that impact behaviour, we believe it’s possible.

What we do

We provide knowledgeable advice, practical support, and innovative tools and services to help our clients become leaders in sustainable mobility.

Experienced and effective
Our team have a wide range of knowledge across the transport sector, helping businesses, residential developers, and schools to implement effective travel initiatives, making sustainable transport a viable, appealing option.

Services that solve problems
Whether you’re an employer, residential developer, or school, we have services to suit your travel planning needs. From in-depth travel plans and coordinator services to car park management strategies, travel to work surveys, marketing and engagement events, and more.

Membership that makes a difference
If your business or organisation already has a travel plan in place or is looking to develop one, why not consider smart journeys membership? As a not-for-profit enterprise, our membership fees mean real change. As a member, you’ll get dedicated support, online resources, guidance on how to change behaviour, and a host of other benefits and discounts for your team.

A voice for change
We act as a voice for our clients, too. We share information and advise local government to help solve wider transport problems. That’s where we can have an impact, engaging with key stakeholders and departments, and consulting with members to make sure their needs are being met.

Our journey to becoming smart journeys

Since 1998 smart journeys, previously Travel for Cambridgeshire (TfC), has helped businesses prepare and implement effective travel initiatives on behalf of Cambridge County Council.

In 2016, we became a not-for-profit commercial enterprise. Although we trade within the main council office, we are no longer a publicly funded service. Our unique council partnership enables us to work closely with local government to bring about positive change for our clients.

Sustainable Success

Our membership is made up of sector-leading and innovative organisations. Take a look at how we’ve helped them transform the way they travel