Planning an office move is a complex business. Keep it simple with our relocation planning and support service. We can help you throughout the relocation process, advising on accessibility of your new workplace and the potential impact on staff travel.

What is relocation travel planning and support?

Relocating your team is a big undertaking – and there’s lots to think about. Luckily, we’re experienced in helping clients plan the movement of large numbers of staff for corporate relocation.

Our service offers everything you need for a smooth transition, with the added benefits of improving your travel planning strategy, helping your business meet planning conditions and embedding a cultural change in travel behaviours.

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Why do I need help relocating?

Taking charge of your relocation with considered planning and support can:


Give you the analysis and reporting you need to know about potential commuter impacts.


Provide advice on accessibility of your new workplace.


Define the most appropriate sustainable travel options for staff.


Help your business meet planning conditions with a bespoke travel plan strategy.


Embed a cultural change in employee travel behaviours.


Build a business case to present to transport operators for service improvements.

Our solution

We develop a bespoke relocation planning strategy with all the support you need to make that move confidently, knowing your staff’s travel needs are taken care of alongside your business objectives.

What's included in the service?

  • A Bespoke travel plan for your workplace.

  • In-depth car park management strategy to make the most of your spaces and help you manage supply and demand.

  • Scoping and travel options analysis to show you the direction and distance your staff are travelling to work.

  • Travel plan coordinator service to guide you through the process and help manage the day-to-day delivery of your travel plan.

  • A survey to help gather data and provide insights to develop the best workplace travel solutions.

  • Personalised travel planning to enable staff to understand their travel options and select more sustainable modes.

  • Event packages to help communicate relocation strategy and changes to your staff

  • smart journeys membership so you can continue to take advantage of our expertise and services.

Ready to take the complexity out of relocating?

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