The number of kids walking to school has fallen by 31% since 1995–97. Our pioneering school-run service is here to change that. Are you ready to transform the school run, for good?

Say Yeah! to Clean Air

The roads around schools can be polluted, busy and dangerous, especially during rush hour, deterring parents from making more active travel choices. Yeah! to Clean Air gamifies the school run, with incentives and rewards to influence behaviour for the better.

What is Yeah! to Clean Air?

Yeah! to Clean Air uses technology and educational messaging to inspire and motivate children – and their parents – to make more sustainable journey choices. The scheme was launched in 2022 at Ermine Street Church Academy in Alconbury Weald and funded as a pilot through the Department of Transport (Capability Fund). 

SmartJourneys Brand

What difference can it make?

Yeah! to Clear Air can:


Improve air quality around your school and reduce congestion caused by cars.


Increase pupils’ physical activity, through walking and cycling, improving their health and wellbeing.


Increase physical and social safety, making it safer for everyone to walk, cycle and scoot to school.


Create community cohesion, making your school’s neighbourhood a more inclusive and attractive place to live.


Reduce transport poverty and inequality of access.


Develop positive behaviour change for your pupils and their parents beyond the school run.


Educate pupils about environmental impacts and raise awareness.


Help your school to meet its PSHE curriculum objectives.

Our solution

Yeah! to Clean Air is created and managed by smart journeys. We’ve developed an innovative RFID scanner that engages and motivates children to consider how they travel to school. Each child receives a unique card or fob, which they scan every time they travel to school. Children who make sustainable and active journeys are rewarded with the chance to win prizes. They also earn points that count towards inter-class challenges. The scanners analyse travel data daily, providing metrics on positive and sustained behaviour change.  

The service comes complete with its own mascot – Buster the Dog (aka Carbon Buster). He brings the scheme to life through animation and other materials, teaching children about the impact of climate change and how our everyday actions can make a difference. Further details can be found HERE

What's included in the service?

  • We work directly with schools, local authorities, housing developers and project leads.

  • We provide a scalable tailored solution to meet your travel planning, air quality, health improvement and behavioural change needs.

  • Your bespoke package can include the tools to develop your own scheme, or our team of behaviour change experts can manage and deliver a long-term programme of activities and campaigns for you.

  • RFID scanners and cards/fobs for all your pupils.

  • Promotional materials to let your pupils and parents know about the scheme, including Buster the Dog animation.

  • Detailed datasets, reporting and insights on the impact of the service.

Is it time your school travelled smarter?

If you want to find out more about how Yeah! to Clean Air could get your school on the road to sustainable success, please fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch soon.

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